Collage of 11 Eco-Friendly Gifts Mom Will Love for Mother's Day



Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Being a mom is so important to me and I have learned many things along the way. It’s taught me some of life’s hardest lessons about myself and brought me some of the greatest joys I never could have imagined.

I wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. In my fourth grade yearbook, I had to write about what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said, “A Mom.” Before becoming a mom, I always imagined it would be simple. My mom had three girls, so I guess that’s a tribute to her for making it look so easy! The best mom advice she ever gave to me was to live in the moment. Put down the laundry and enjoy each and every second as a mom. There will always be housework, but you will never get that time back.

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift, here are 11 eco-friendly, natural ideas to show her how much you love her.

  1. Hand-Poured Candle: There’s nothing better than coming home, lighting a scented candle, and relaxing! This soy-based candle will show mom how much she lights up your life!
  2. Earrings: Never underestimate the gift of jewelry! These classic button earrings are made in the USA and are free of lead, nickel, and cadmium.
  3. Notebook: Organization and journaling reduces stress and brings a variety of health benefits. Mom will immediately fall in love with this 100% recycled, lotus notebook that is small enough to fit in any purse, backpack, briefcase, or yoga bag.
  4. Tea Time: Some of my earliest memories of childhood take me back to drinking tea with my mom. If your mom loves a flavorful cup of tea, she will love this gift set filled with 48 bags of eco-friendly, organic tea. Besides being a delicious stress reliever, tea may fight wrinkles, boost the immune system, and help with weight loss.
  5. Scarf: Help mom look beautiful, while living mindfully. This organic scarf is made with the highest quality, raw materials from an ethically responsible clothing company devoted to sustainable fashion.
  6. Organic Robe: You never realized how much your mom did for you until you have a child of your own! This spa-like robe is the perfect gift to pamper mom on her special day.
  7. Exotic Truffles: There’s something about decadent chocolate that just warms my heart. I have such a sweet tooth, so I enjoy giving candy and chocolate to people I love. As a bonus, the company is committed to ethical and sustainable practices. They manufacture green, package green, ship green, and live green. If you want to go big or go home, there is also this box or this box for mom.
  8. Eternally Elegant: When I was little, I loved watching my mom put on jewelry and makeup before going out for the evening with my dad. To elevate mom’s outfit, give her this necklace made of organic, man-made pearls.
  9. Cozy Slippers: Surprise mom with these super comfy, 100% natural slippers. Handmade using a special technique with only wool, pure water, and love, these eco-friendly slippers will surely pamper her!
  10. Farm Fresh Bouquet: If your mom loves beautiful flowers, she will definitely love this arrangement. This self-sustaining farm is obsessed with growing the finest flowers and greens in the most conscientious way, so you know you’re giving her the finest flowers available!
  11. Gift Set: For any mom, relaxation is definitely deserved. This gift set conditions and softens skin to keep her complexion glowing!

Check out a few more natural, eco-friendly options below and share some of your favorite ideas for Mother’s Day gifts! I hope you have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms and Grandmas!

X, Deba

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