Hi, guys! I hope you are having a fantastic week. I had a blast partnering with Sprint and AW Communications at the Pittsburgh Fitness Expo. I learned about the latest health foods, discussed popular fitness trends and shared lots of laughs!

When I first arrived, I grabbed my coffee, map and highlighter and scheduled out my day. Mapping everything out helps me stay organized and prevents me from missing out on live events, expert talks and interesting demonstrations.

I met and connected with so many people and had a wonderful time getting first looks at the hottest new exercise equipment, sports gear, fitness products and nutritional supplements. I also had the chance to learn all about these bars. They come in blueberry, cookie dough, apple cinnamon, coconut almond and peanut butter chocolate. Non-GMO, nothing artificial and organic ingredients – woo hoo! 😉

Fitness Experts at the Sprint and Detour SMART Bar Pavilions at a Health and Fitness Expo

Deba Wilson Looking at a Graphic Workout Tee at a Health and Fitness Expo

Beauty and Cosmetic Advancements at a Fitness Expo
I love learning about the latest beauty products!

Deba Wilson at the Healthy Advantage Pavilion at the Pittsburgh Fitness Expo

Health Foods and Products at the 2017 Pittsburgh Fitness Expo

Learning about Nutritional Supplements at a Fitness Expo

Looking at Beauty Products and Turmeric Essential Oils at a Fitness Expo

LET ME KNOW!!! Do you enjoy health and wellness expos? How was your experience?

X, Deba



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