Fitness and Yoga Expert Deba Wilson Shares 8 Simple Tricks to Make You Love Exercise

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8 Simple Tricks to Make You Love Exercise by Yoga and Fitness Expert Deba Wilson


Hi guys! Today I am excited to share another part in my fitness series on getting healthy. If you could double your chances for fitness success, would you be interested?! What about a technique to make exercising more fun?! If you don’t like working out or you’re having a tough time sticking to a fitness routine, here are a few tricks (and my one magic ticket) that will make you LOVE exercise! Consider your goals slayed! 😉

  1. Strength in Numbers. In my experience as a fitness trainer, the single most important factor in long-term health and fitness success is having a support system. Whether it’s your spouse, a friend or a whole passel of fitness pals, workout partners provide accountability, motivation, support and healthy competition. The more people actively engaged in supporting your fitness efforts, the more likely you are to enjoy the process. 
  2. Keep searching for your thing. If you want to make something a habit, do something you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy lifting weights in a gym, don’t do it. If you don’t enjoy running, don’t do it. Just because you went to that cycling class and didn’t like it or tried that cardio session and felt overwhelmed doesn’t mean you should give up. Either try the class again or get back out there and try something different. Be proud of yourself for trying something new! We’re going to fail sometimes. That’s part of being human. When you make it through that hour class without looking at the time every 5 seconds, you’ll know you’ve found your thing. 
  3. Hit the dance floor! Dancing is a whole body workout that’s good for your heart, makes you stronger and helps with coordination and balance. Sign up for a class or dance at home! The key is to dance like no one’s watching. It doesn’t matter if you trip over your feet or lose the beat! Pump up the music and have fun! 
  4. Switch things up. Varying your workouts will keep you feeling motivated and inspired. Do you love loud-pumping music and intense sprints? Try a spin class or kickboxing. Looking to increase your flexibility, strength and balance? Give yoga or Pilates a go! Love to dance? A Zumba or barre class might be your thing. Not sure? Try everything! 
  5. Exercise like a kid again. I used to LIVE on the monkey bars when I was little. To this day, I still enjoy doing tricks on the bars or challenging Trevor to a competition. Think of what you liked to do when you were a kid. Hula Hoops. Jump ropes. Sledding. Biking. All of the fun activities from childhood are excellent ways to get the heart pumping! 
  6. Look to the seasons. There’s just something about being outdoors that energizes me! Summer is all about baseball, so we spend a lot of time practicing with Trevor at the park. In the spring and fall, we’re obsessed with hiking, biking and going for nature walks. In the winter - even though I’m more of a beach girl than a snow bunny - we love taking Trevor sled riding and ice skating (well, ok… Tim just watches us and takes pictures when we’re ice skating – haha!) No matter the temperature, there is always something fun to do outdoors! 
  7. Crank the Tunes. Save the silence for your meditation sesh. Workouts are meant to be fun and energetic! For me, music ups my effort, elevates my mood and puts me in the zone. Create a perfect playlist (or let an app do it for you), then rock out to those tunes during your next gym session. 
  8. The Magic Ticket! When you exercise 3-4 days a week, you make the choice whether or not to exercise every morning. Do I feel like exercising today? Yep – great! Nope – okay. I’ll just do it tomorrow. The problem is… tomorrow is hard, too. So is the day after that and the day after that. Before you know it, it keeps going like this and you never develop a routine. So here is my magic ticket to exercise happiness. Set your alarm and when that sucker goes off, get up and go move that gorgeous bod of yours. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. All movement is good movement… except licking chocolate off a spoon. Preeeeety sure that doesn’t count as exercise! As long as you’re moving, raising your heart rate and having fun, you’re doing your body good!

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X, Deba

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